Arvanitidis Estate is located at Askos,
a quiet picturesque village near Thessaloniki,
on the eastern slopes of Mt Vertiskos,
at an altitude of 500 m.

The lush greenery, the cool breeze,
the calm atmosphere, the healthy mountain climate, the renown "kasseri" cheese from nearby Sohos village and the famous local carnival,
celebrated by the traditional "bell wearers",
as praised by the well known Greek novelist
Ziranna Zatelis,
are among the many attractions of the region.

In Askos, as in entire Macedonia,
viticultural tradition goes well back in time.
Attacked by phylloxera in the 1920's however,
the vineyards were totally damaged,
to be reestablished in the 1930's,
when cosmopolitan and indigenous varieties
were grafted on American rootstock.
Since then, a vineyard of 50 ha

is maintained at the area.

Amidst this beautiful region, with green hills
of modest height, on the location
of an old family vineyard,
agronomist Thanassis Arvanitidis,
together with his brother George, created in 1999
a modern vineyard and started Arvanitidis Estate.